I read the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald more than three years ago and I came across it and decided to re read it.
I’ll start with the main characters and conclude with some remarks about the ending of the story and what I think of the people it focuses on.
Nick, the narrator sells bonds. He’s from a well-to-do family and got aquainted with his wealthy neighbour Gatsby.
Tom and Daisy are married and have finally settled down in West Egg where most of the events take place.
Daisy is Nick’s cousin who seems to be very captivated by her. Ms Baker is Daisy’s friend and one of the many guests who attend Gatsby’s parties in his luxurious home.
Mr Wilson earns his living as a mechanic. Tom’s mistress is the mechanic’s wife, Myrthle.
The entire life of those people so prone to light-heartedness and carelessness, evrything  was going quite smoothly. But tragedy was looming. And when Gatsby grew more demanding and got set on living once more with Daisy, his whims brought about arguments and led to the worst.
The mechanic’s wife was run over by the luxury yellow car Daisy was driving back home. There were witnesses when the dreadful incident took place.
Unfortunately the deceived husband killed the wrong murderer of his wife, Gatsby, and himself.
In my view Gatsby is rather a wretched character. I think it’s no use partying with ungrateful people who spend their time uttering inanities all night and indulging on their host. The author made me hate every character and especially their unethical behaviour. I liked the way he depicts the characters from the high social class. Most of them are unbearable Daisy even more and that a good-for nothing, bad tempered husband of hers.
I wonder why the narrator gets on well with Gatsby. I feel more empathetic for Mr Wilson whom I would  describe as a deserving low social class individual. He was wronged. I can’t help but concluding it was bound to happen and that people fates are highly connected.