I think that we will be petrify at the idea to make a thesis, it’s no pleasure cruise. But in all the student or person who make this, there is in Havard, just one of the most prestigious schools in the world, the most badass student in the world. The  person who decided to make a rap album for his thesis and he received a mention and the second best score of the promotion with an A, JUST LOL!!!! His name is Obasi SHAW.

Obasi-Shaw1Obama Shaw is the nigerian student who made history as the first person to submit a rap album as thesis in the history of Harvard. He made a album of 10 songs whose where he spoke of the question of the afro-american’s life in USA  and recount them history from slavery to police brutality by borrowing from the work of the brilliant James Baldwin who wrote I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO. Josh Bell, research director of Obasi Shaw, did not wait to express his enthusiasm about the performance of the young student. A success that bodes well for the future of rap in the academic world.

His album call « Liminal Minds », we can think that it’s a begenning of a career but not he will make a stage as engineer in google.                                                                                       But his songs are free on soundcloud if you want to listen.        It was a risky chose to take, congratulation to him.