index       Right, can we talk about this ? Netflix is an American entertainment company which was founded in 1997. First, they sale and rental DVD but in 2007 they decided to becoming a streaming media, just in US. In 2010, they expended in Canada and FINALLY in France and 189 others country.

        So if you pay 7.99 € per month you can have all the series and films you want on only one screen. But if you pay more, you have more screen in the same time.


           But Netflix is so good for many reason. The first is because is less expensive than Canal Sat or VOD. The second reason is also because since 2013, Netflix does their own series « Original Netflix » like my favorite : Sense 8. But many series are very good like Dear White People, Orange is the new Black, House of Cards, Outlander,… They do some films too.

         Sense 8 is the best series in Netflix. It’s a fantastic serie but it’s also shows the problems in differents country. The story is eight people who are connected and can be at different place in the same time. They come from different country. We have India, Germany, USA, Islande, South Korea, England. it’s a beautiful story about culture.

          Netflix isn’t complicate to use. I mean even my dad can use it so don’t worry you can do it ! You can watch this on your TV, phone, tablets. I love watch films and series on this. All my family have netflix and my parents doesn’t watch TV anymore. The only disadvantage is Netflix can diffuse a film three years after he was realeased in theatre so sometime, you have already watch all the films. For series, it’s more complicated because they can diffuse the season if the Channel in the country can’t broadcast anymore.

           Right now I hope you will take Netflix because it’s cool even if I spend lot of time on this…



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