I dont know how to begin… I just put 1 quarter of hour to choose the font… it’s not funny… ok a little… at this moment I haven’t an idea of that gone write, so read this like a test. So I start.

Hello. Yeah it’s a good begining. I will start with my presentation because if unknow begin to tell his life to you in the road you just say “WHAT” or “it’s embarassing”… I think. So I’m Lilian, I’ve one brother and a dog… trust me it’s a good presentation. Hum… what is the best thing in your world ? You have 2 hour!! No it’s a joke, ok it’s a bad joke. Me, I love be alone and (ok I think that you say “oh it’s so sad” but read the following) do that I want in my house put the music very very strong and sing and dance and… no it’s not ridiculous… ok it’s ridiculous but i’m sure that you did this too or you want to do this… I think. So I find this cool, trus me. One thing it’s ridiculous when you do this, it’s when your mother, your father, brother or your dog, sometime the four at the same time and they fix you… and you fix them and the music is always here… and no one move. Ok it’s embarassing but for me this story it’s not true, trust me, if it was true I will be already at the other side of the earth since a good time. I love going to the cinema and eat some pop corn because for a movie, some pop corn (WITH SUGAR) are necessary for a perfect moment, one thing is very fun with the pop corn, the speed at which you eat them at the different time of the movie. The people can be eat more fast at good moment of a movie like when you discover the bag guy or when the heros jump from a plane without parachute, he makes a triple twisting back twist, an acrobatic twist to finally land in a tiny goblet with water, but he has nothing because it’s the hero. And the people can eat slowly like when there is a scene of sex, at this moment no one eat or move you just pry to no one see you at this moment. Yeah it’s true. What else, I love going to a fastfood and ead the big burger that you try to eat And the big burger that you have tried for years to eat it without it breaks down before reaching your mouth. I love watching tv show season by season. I love do lot of thing but you know what I love above all ?

Wait a minute!!!! I know that you answer you “what can be better that dance and sing alone in your house?”. It’s do everingthing that I said with your friends because it’s with them that your can’t be ridiculous or make a perfect moment in the cinema and yes even during sex scene, it’s better than eat pop corn(OMG), it’s with them you make your burger fall and it’s with them you feel so good everytime. And I hope that you can live the same thing.

Woua I said lot of mistake but it’s me the world will have to live with.