There are three African men and a western-looking one in black suit and wearing glasses and folding his arms and laughing. They are waiting outside the office. One of the African men is wearing a striped suit and glasses. They are smiling except the one with his left hand in his pocket and who is staring at the tallest character. Among the African men, one is grinning and raising his right hand and two of them are carrying each a briefcase. There are also four people sitting at a table in an office and looking serious and a woman talking to them about the African leaders from the AU (1) who seem to be willing to help with the crisis the EU is facing.

(1) The AU (African Union) supports political and economic integration among its 54 member nations. It aims to boost development, eradicate poverty and bring Africa into the global economy.
There are far-reaching plans (d’une grande portée) to set up a human rights court, a central bank and monetary fund, and by 2023 an African Economic Community with a single currency. (Source : BBC)